Graphic Communications Key Notes Vol. 02 No. 48

Postal Reform Bill Earns Bipartisan Support in Congress[Editors Note:  Mailers beware!  Don’t count on that exigent rollback just yet].  The latest push to overhaul the U.S. Postal Service appears to be gaining momentum, as lawmakers from both parties have thrown their support behind a recently introduced legislative reform measure.  The bill (iPost) — which would reform retiree health care and its funding, develop new revenue streams; and provide more data on the agency’s performance in rural areas, among other changes (including the freezing of rates through January 1, 2018 and making the exigent a permanent part of the rates)– has yet to receive any hearings or votes in committee.  Source:  Government Executive
USPS Steps Up Efforts to Capture Mailer Arrival TimesAt recent industry meetings, the Postal Service shared how they will begin to utilize functionality in their new scanners at Surface Visibility sites to capture actual arrival time by mailers for appointments.  The Postal Service plans to share the process with the industry as well as early reporting information.  The early reporting information is planned for review at the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee’s (MTAC) January meeting.  Source: Fairrington
Print Catalogs Back Ledbury co-founder and CEO Paul Trible, makes the case for sending catalogs to consumers’ homes.  Source:  MSN Money
Direct Mail Is Better Than Email MarketingEveryone is always trying to find new and creative ways of marketing. This may initially make direct marketing seem unattractive since so many businesses are getting away from it and investing in email marketing. This, however, is the very reason you have a better chance of standing out from the crowd. Click here to read 4 reasons why direct mail is better than email marketing.  Source:  B2C
Watch Amazon Deliver a Pair of Shoes via DroneAmazon has released a new video showcasing its forthcoming drone delivery service, which the online retailer first began teasing almost exactly two years ago.  In the video — narrated by sacked U.K. Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson — a family in urgent need of a new pair of soccer cleats uses Amazon Prime Air to order and receive the shoes in the matter of half an hour.   It is, Clarkson says, a “miracle of modern technology”: at a warehouse “not too far away,” the parcel is latched to an unmanned aerial vehicle that rises to 400 ft. and zips to the delivery destination.  Source:  TIME
USPS OIG submits Semiannual Report to US CongressThe U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) submitted its Semiannual Report to US Congress this week.  The report summarizes OIG activities and illustrates problems and deficiencies, along with recommendations and corrective actions related to the administration of USPS programs and operations during the reporting period.  Click here to access a PDF of the full report.   Source:  Post & Parcel
Meet Mr. Magazine Dr. Samir Husni is Professor of Journalism at the University of Mississippi and author of Magazine Publishing in the 21st Century and Launch Your Own Magazine: a Guide to Succeeding in Today’s Market Place.  Forbes magazine called him “America’s leading magazine expert,” but as well as being an in-demand consultant for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, he can justifiably claim to be the world’s number one magazine evangelist.  According to Dr. Husni, “Online or mobile magazines are not real.  It’s only real if you can touch it, feel it, throw it across the room.  I tell my students: until you are happy with a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend, virtual reality will never compete.”  Source:  Print Power

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